Sought the Hidden

from by La Morena

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i’ve got it in me yet - the minute hand patting backs and pushing its back up against my fatal idiom will get the best of a tightened tongue - bleeding gums all stuck like rusty tools that let themselves moisten under pressure - the stressful heat of a weekday with my steady tooth weighing the world’s weight in gold down enough to clamp a jaw shut - taut against the tile, hardwood floor (and so much more) foreshadowing a silence of frigid air to breathe. the seasons.

“whats worse?” remarks have whimpered there way out a throat - a thought deep enough to depress and say “ahhh” soreness. hoarseness. inability to express ones over active cords - like you they will shred. like you, i will dread the impending denotation of every uttered sound scaled language and lean towards ambiguity. i will never understand a thing… you know what i mean?

i remember when lips were free with excessive speech and inviting any type of notes from a rainy mouth of the river, but bottles were sparsely spoken… one ear to the tile, wooden floor (and more) it never happened and i coped and mended the meanings and tended the beds of flowery debenture, worded so sweetly - devoured and causing cavity to corrode deeper than the throat and pucker words sour at the core.

so when speaking begins and i give in, a voice cracking call can’t lullaby any from before. but concisely secure my exposure once more and say hello, hows you? and things? (and more)


from Swan Neck, track released November 30, 2011



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La Morena New Mexico

La Morena is Makayla Armijo.
She is a Spoken word poet, artist and writer from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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