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lines rise up from lips- and the look in your eyes, they sympathize. pass over your head, the hairs raise bare and wrinkle into smoke. thats air. a chemical component composed of the palest mist. push hands forward - grey ash waiting to be blown away - and palms laced with pain - an echo of clicks and we crumble to the sound. and even the feeling and the thought - its broken down into the simplest form.

feel the killed bacteria within, can you? the misty fragrance of your teeth - a steam filled breath expressed beneath the shaded angles shaping your skin - in my sights - you're a carrier. the vessel - vehicle leading the lamb to its end - man slaughter. a concept traced by blurred figures and a science within exposing the dangers of our exchange - species or specimen?

that mouth produces such glittering gradients and monochrome in sight- exceeding expectations of an expedited exchange with a silence traveling at the speed of sound. you couldn't make it out if i pounded on the drums in your ears. the smokey glow - vibrato undulating within - a shaken nothingness but the peaks of your cheeks speak worlds. can you hear them?

pass warmth the length of worries my way - the ball and socket connections begin to shallow themselves - ex-spell the toughness and leave a spongy grid to soak up the chilly air. the base form warping like wood in humidity and a word slips from lips like sand through your fingers - soft and pigment-less, straight back down to become the elements again.


from Swan Neck, released January 30, 2012



all rights reserved


La Morena New Mexico

La Morena is Makayla Armijo.
She is a Spoken word poet, artist and writer from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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